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The sport of wrestling is DESPERATELY short on officials. Becoming an official is one of the best ways to give back to the world's greatest sport. There are some upfront costs for your registration and your uniform, but you will make this back after only a few contests (and all officiating expenses are tax deductible!)

Below is an outline of the process for becoming an MHSAA wrestling official. Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you want to join our association.

Register as a wrestling official with the MHSAA

Review the MHSAA new official's info here. Officials registering for the first time are required to take an online exam on the Official's Guidebook and Principles of Officiating. You can register here. You will recieve a rules book, case book, and MHSAA patch for your shirt.

Purchase your official's uniform

The rule book will detail your uniform in depth, but in summary a wrestling official's uniform consists of: All black shoes (including black soles), black socks, black pants, black belt, officiating shirt, whistle/lanyard, red/green wristbands, and red/green flip disc. Make sure to read the regulations in the book about your uniform to ensure you purchase the proper gear!

Join an association

It is vital that you join an association as you will need assistance with training, getting assigned contests, and many more things as you begin your officiating journey. It is also required to be a member in good standing of an official's association to work certain post-season events. Associations will have a yearly membership fee, the WMWOA's is 25$ but we waive these your first year. If you are in West Michigan, please contact us about joining. If you are in other regions, you can look up your local associations on the MHSAA Officials Serivces site once you are registered.

Study the rules and complete your required exams and rules meetings

A deep understanding of the rules is essential to successfull officiating. Read and reread the rules / case book. Watch matches online and study how experienced officials make calls, use their signals, and how they position themselves. There is also lots of helpful info like the MHSAA Wrestling Blue Book on our resources page. Your association will also assist you in getting proper training. Many associations, including the WMWOA, do training seminars before the season starts where you can officiate scrimmage matches. In addition to your learning you will need to complete all the required meetings / exams on the MHSAA web site.

Start working events

Your association will help you find contests to work that fit your officiating experience. With the low number of officials in this sport there are many opportunities to work events. Officiating is a unique, challenging, and highly rewarding experience. We hope to see you on the mats soon!