Resources for Wrestling Officials

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Below you can find some helpful resources from the MHSAA, NFHS, and WMWOA. Check back from time to time as more resources may be added.

MHSAA New Officials - Information from the MHSAA for new officials, including the Official's Guidebook and Principles of Officiating.

MHSAA Official's Registration - This is where you can register or renew your registration.

MHSAA Wrestling Blue Book - This is a comprehensive guide the MHSAA put out in 2021 on wrestling officiating. It contains a lot of useful information for both new and veteran officials.

MHSAA Official Services - Once registered, this is where you will access many things related to your officiating duties such as required exams, rules meetings, and schedule submission. You can also find various forms / reports that you may need, and view your ratings from past seasons.

PIAA Wrestling Page - On this page you can find many useful documents from the NFHS with rule clarifications and points of emphasis.

Arbiter Sports - Arbiter is web site and app for assiging officials to contests. You will want to create an acount here once you are registered as many high school conferences send out all their assignments through arbiter.

NFHS Wrestling Page - This page has the most recent NFHS rules changes, several other useful documents, and info on the NFHS Rules app where you can get digital copies of the rules / case book.

Weight Draw App - This is a custom app that can be used to randomly select a boys or girl's starting weight class. It uses the MHSAA weight classes. Feel free to use it and save some space in your bag! Can also be accessed from the menu bar.

Correct Call Officiating Outfitters - Correct Call Officiating in the official sponsor for all officiating gear for the MHSAA. You can purchase shirts and other officiating accessories here